How to choose a program?

Something extra

How to choose a program?

Something extra

Jan Hanko

14. 07. 2022

Parkour athlete
I discovered Zdravé stravování on Instagram and was intrigued by the wide range of foods. I chose the Fit+ program and was looking forward to the first food delivery. I was a little worried about freshness because the food was always delivered to me one day before. However, all my fears disappeared with the first taste of the food, and I was thrilled at how good boxed food can taste. I really liked this “food in a box” and looked forward to a new delivery every day. My aim was to gain muscle mass, and I managed to gain it within a month with regular exercise and Zdravé stravování. For me personally, it was an excellent experience that gave me a diet regime that is essential for a healthy body.

Jan Hanko, parkourový sportovec

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