How to choose a program?

Something extra

How to choose a program?

Something extra

Zero waste status

Do you know about ZERO FOOD WASTE? Congratulations! If you subscribe to and honestly consume our all-day menu, you will not create any food waste (unless you spoil it at the weekend).

Food waste is currently the most significant problem, for example in Europe, roughly 100 kg of food is thrown away per person per year. Reducing this waste is now the task of all households, but you have already achieved it, you have ZERO FOOD WASTE.

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Is it possible to use reusable packaging?

Unfortunately, no. We cook food for more than 4500 clients daily and it is not technically possible for us to perform the sanitation of the food containers and their distribution back to the owners. The supervisory authorities tolerate this system for small establishments on the condition that the client brings a container into which the food is immediately filled.

Do you offer packaging in biodegradable packaging?

Based on experience in real operation, we have temporarily suspended packaging in these contains, as certain disadvantages have become apparent in daily use.


Why did you cancel the box return service?

We were forced to take this step by a legal amendment (summer 2023). Waste legislation does not allow us to store or handle waste. If we wanted to continue to operate this service, we would have to have a special collection truck that would take the used plastic boxes directly to the waste collection points, which is beyond our power to provide.

How can I reduce my ecological burden?

After washing, you can sort the used boxes from the Healthy Eating diet food into plastic waste containers in the standard way.


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