How to choose a program?

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How to choose a program?

Something extra

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Boxed diet program:COMBI WEEK

Find your heart's diet

Not sure which diet you like best, or just like to experiment with food? Then the COMBI WEEK boxed diet program is ideal for you. It will allow you to taste 5 different diet programs within a week. What else will this program win your heart with?


  • A different program every day - you will be able to taste For Health, Protein Extra, Fit +, Meat Free and KETO programs
  • Tasting the spectrum of our TOP dietary programs
  • Suitable for those who wish to experiment and those who cannot choose to opt for a particular program

This program cannot be ordered in any combination of courses. The Combi Week program is only available in weekly cycles.

Suroviny Ingrediences:

Individual menus offer, for example,  extra servings of vegetables and fruits, quality lean meat, fish and dairy products. In the case of a meat-free menu, we offer a tasting of dishes made from, for example soy, eggs, tempehu, legumes and cereals.

Na program KOMBI WEEK nelze uplatnit výjimky.

Výživové okénko Nutrition details

The healthy diet of the Kombi Week program will help you to achieve vitality, maintain health and slimness. It is prepared from quality and varied ingredients. It is based on the principle that each nutrient, vitamin and mineral in a different combination, benefits us and affects different life functions.

By consuming diametrically different Healthy Eating dietary programs, you will broaden your taste horizons and add a variety of mentioned nutrients.

In case of a meat-free menu, you can look forward to a variety of legumes and cereals, nuts, fruits and vegetables. There will also be no shortage of eggs, dairy products, seeds and fish. Protein programs, in turn, offer quality lean meat and dishes made from ingredients rich in plant proteins. 

Krém z nivy a tortillové chipsy
Pro Zdraví svačina
Pro Zdraví svačina
Cottage s fíky a kešu
Pro Zdraví svačina
PRO ZDRAVI Snidane 03
Fit +
Pro Zdraví +
Pro Zdraví +


COMBI WEEK: Possible program variants

Choose the program and its variant that suit you best. We always try to meet the needs of our customers as much as possible and thus offer a sufficiently wide range of programs, that allows anyone to choose the right one from.

6 000 kJ

7 000 kJ

8 000 kJ

9 000 kJ

10 000 kJ

Menu extras

Add something extra to any variant.

See all add-ons

doplnky polevka

doplnky smoothie

doplnky dezertDessert

doplnky freshFresh

Whole day







Program price list COMBI WEEK

6 000 kJ7 000 kJ8 000 kJ9 000 kJ10 000 kJ
Whole day521 CZK550 CZK580 CZK601 CZK621 CZK

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Order now and you can eat
from Monday 29.7. 2024.

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We care about your tastes

The goal of our nutrition team led by Mgr. Kateřina Šimková is to prepare special menus that meet specific requirements so that the adjustments in the diet do not pose a risk, you are satisfied and you enjoyed the food made from quality ingredients.


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