How to choose a program?

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How to choose a program?

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To improve clarity, we have divided the questions:

Questions on the diet and meal composition

Who compiles the menus?

The menu for each program is compiled by nutritionist Mgr. Kateřina Šimková (Masaryk University, Faculty of Medicine, Human Nutrition) and her team.

Is boxed food for weight reduction only?

No. In addition to special fat loss programs, healthy eating also prepares a balanced diet for long-term consumption for all those who want to eat healthily and varied diet and do not have time or do not want to cook. We also offer programs for vegans or nursing mothers. Last but not least, boxing diet can be usefull for the people who are currently working from home or unable to leave one. We also provide food preparation and delivery for seniors and families.  

Does your diet really cover all your nutritional needs? Don't I have to take other vitamins / minerals / food supplements?

The whole-day diet is designed to cover the energy needs and other nutritional requirements of a person according to the chosen program (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc.). We recommend to consume up to 400 g of fresh vegetables in boxes. No dietary supplements are needed for a healthy person. If you have specific dietary requirements, for example due to your medical condition, always consult your doctor.

I'm not sure I'll be able to eat only "healthy and dietary" foods, I have my favorite foods!

Our customers are already convinced that eating healthy doesn´t mean consuming nothing but sprouted grains and oatmeal. A balanced diet can be varied and tasty at the same time! Visit our programs section (for each of them you will find a photo gallery of dishes) and see the weekly menu, so you will find out what meals you can expect before ordering. Another option is to order a trial week deliveries.

I don't trust diets - I'm worried about the yo-yo effect, is there such risk with bexed diet?

The yo-yo effect occurs when starving on a diet. With the boxed diet, you do not allow your body to starve. Rather you eat a reasonable and appropriate diet throughout the day. It is also important to choose the right dietary program. If you can not decide yourself, ask our operators and/or nutritional team for  advice, they will help you with the selection.

When receiving boxes, pay attention to the size of the portions and the composition of the food. When you decide to stop receiving our boxed diet, an active approach will pay off, because you are more likely to continue with the right diet. The boxed diet will teach you proper eating habits, you will get an idea of the appropriate portion sizes, food preparation and composition. This will make it easier for you to maintain optimal weight.

How often are meals repeated?

We try to make the meals repeat as little as possible throughout the year, or to create variations on meals that have had the most positive feedback. During our operation, we have created a database of more than 20,000 recipes. We regularly invite top domestic and foreign chefs to our gastronomic establishment (eg J. Punčochář, M. Ihnačák, Z. Křížek, R. David and others), who train our culinary team, inspire and acquaint them with new trends.

Are your meals fresh or are the meals prepared for several days at once?

We do not prepare our meals for several days at once. Rather, we cook fresh food for you every day. We prepare meals from the ground up, single-seasoning spices and herbs, excellent in-house made broths and pasta. We source pastries from a local manufacturer.

What ingrediences do you use?

In the vast majority of cases, we use fresh ingredients. We only rarely use frozen (for example, for sea fish that are not otherwise available in our country, or seasonally available fruits and vegetables).

Do you offer a diet for diabetics?

Yes, and our diet is very much suitable for diabetics! If you have diabetes, a balanced and regular diet is important for you and leads to improved health. To order a diabetic diet, simply enter this fact into order form, or ask our staff when ordering by phone. We will replace sugar, honey and other unsuitable ingrediences with alternative sweeteners or suitable meals. For your information, there is an overview label on each of our dishes, that details the content of macronutrients. In any case, we recommend that you consult your doctor about the diet.

I don't eat some foods, can you adjust my diet to my requirements?

Yes, adjustments are possible, but in some cases it can be at the expense of the diversity of the menu.

I monitor the salt content, what is the salt content of your meals?

We're glad to hear that. Most people are used to saltier tastes, because their current diet contains a lot of industrially produced foods, that are too high in salt. That's why our meals may seem less flavored to them, as we try to use less salt. The recommended daily salt intake is 5 g and an adult in the Czech Republic exceeds this limit, often even three-fold. For idea: 1 teaspoon contains about 8 grams of salt.

Questions about delivery, distribution, packaging and complaints

How is the food stored during delivery?

The food is during delivery stored in refrigerated trucks.

How much does delivery cost?

You only pay the price as per our price list, nothing extra. Delivery charge is included in the price of meals.

What time do you deliver my food at? Can I choose a specific delivery time?

We deliver meals according to the delivery schedule (there may be a different schedule for each delivery round - contact the customer center operator for more information).

Unfortunately, it is not possible to set a specific (and permanent) delivery time (even for an additional fee). In order to offer a favorable price (and save the environment), we try to keep our delivery trips as short as possible. With this in mind, we rank customers on routes according to the delivery addresses and it is not possible to ensure deliveries at a specific time as per the client's wishes.

I know that I will not be home at the usual time on a certain day, can I change the delivery time?

Let the operator know in advance, together you will agree on a change of address or other options. Delivery options are subject to the driver's current capabilities (number of stops en route, current traffic situation, possibility to return to the place at another time, etc.)

I need to cancel already ordered and paid days, is it possible?

Yes, of course - let us know which days you need to cancel. We will compensate the days already paid for you by delivering meals to you on other days, as per your wishes. Please respect the need to let us know of the change or cancellation 3 working days in advance, it is no longer possible to change the order any later.

Is it possible to return used disposable packaging? 

Yes, details are available here.

Is it possible to use reusable packaging?

Unfortunately, no. We prepare meals for more than 4,500 clients a day and it is not technically possible for us to sanitize packaging and distribute it back to their respective owners. The supervisory authorities tolerate this system in small establishments, provided that the client delivers the package into which the food is immediately loaded.

Our packaging is fully recyclable and we pay relatively high fees to the EKO-KOM fund, which provides recycling of most packaging in the Czech Republic.

According to statistics, the average citizen of the Czech Republic produces 400 kg of waste per year. If you eat with us, bowls, bags and bottles will create waste of max 80 kg per year. In addition, there is no waste of food. We believe that compared to the average, it is not so bad!

Do you cook for the holidays?

Usually, if the holidays come at the beginning or end of the week (Friday or Monday) we are not able to prepare food. If the holiday happens to be in the middle of the week, the food is prepared and delivered. In December, we usually end in the last week before Christmas Day and start the second week in January.

We will not cook during these days for 2022: 15. 4, 18. 4, 28. 10, 26 December, 27 12, 28 12, 29. 12, 30. 12, 31. 12th, the other days we cook. If you wish to cancel your holiday delivery, don't forget to do so 3 working days in advance, thank you!

How to file a complaint?

Despite all the care we give to preparation and delivery, there can be a problem. Contact us. The staff of the customer department will certainly solve everything towards your satisfaction.

As complaints are made "remotely", we hope to your cooperation. In the case of a complaint related to the quality of the food or packaging, we ask you to photograph and document the problem. Please note that complaints about the content / quantity (for example, failure to supply the correct combination of food, damaged packaging, etc.) and the quality of the food / sensors can be made no later than on the day of consumption. 

We deal with every complaint responsibly. In the case of a justified complaint, in addition to compensation, we always try to determine the origin of the error/problem and take measures to improve and prevent the situation.

Questions on how to consume, supplements, etc.

How to heat food properly?

Pierce the foil and heat the packaging in the microwave. The time required varies depending on the type of food and the portion size. We recommend using medium power (600-700 W) and longer time heating period to evenly heat the food up. Be careful when opening the foil, steam may be traped inside the packaging of the box. 

We bake some dishes in silver aluminum bowls - even these are suitable for heating in a microwave oven. Some types of microwaves require that you place the dish on a ceramic or glass plate to avoid contact with the microwave structure.

You can also heat food without foil or on a plate. Please note that the food heated in this way is usualy drier. 

An alternative method to heat the meal is to use water bath. To prevent deformation or burning of plastic packaging, the temperature must not exceed 90 ° C. 

When should I eat the boxed meals?

Eat the boxed meals every day at the same time, at regular intervals, with about 3 hours in between the meals. Treat yourself to dinner no later than 3 hours before bedtime. Follow our dietary tips.

Why don't you cook for the weekend?

We do not want to overwhelm our clients with a boxed diet. So we only import food on weekdays and on weekends you can indulge in foods that you like. It is advisable to follow the set regime, meaning 5 meals a day with optimal time intervals and enough fluids. You can find inspiration for recipes on our blog.

Can I eat more meals?

If you subscribe to our whole-day program (ie 5 meals) and want to lose weight, you should not consume more food. A whole-day program covers adequate energy intake and usually means adequate and healthy weight loss. During the day you can eat fresh vegetables (up to 400 g).

What drinks can I drink while dieting? I can't do without my coffee, what should I do?

Drink unsweetened still water or unsweetened fruit teas. Water flavored with fresh orange or lemon juice, about 3 liters per day, is also suitable. You don't have to give up coffee. Coffee with milk is fine, but we do not recommend sugar. Do not drink alcohol, it is very caloric!

Do I always have to order 5 meals a day? Can I order certain combinations?

Available food combinations can be found at individual programs.

Are the boxes only suitable for weight reduction, or can I eat them permanently?

You can eat our food permanently! It is a healthy and balanced diet. You can get a quick overview by looking at the comparison table of programs. We will gladly help you choose a suitable program.


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