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How to choose a program?

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We greatly appreciate your feedback and are extremely happy when you like the taste and are satisfied. Rest assured, the feedback we receive from you keeps us working hard on further improvements and innovations.

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The diet for nursing mothers from Zdravé stravování was the best choice I could have made during postpartum, and I recommend it to every expectant mother. It is a much better investment than many unnecessary things for babies, because what a baby needs most is a happy and healthy mother. Every day I had fresh and nutritious food, so I could fully devote myself to the baby and also rest, which is key after childbirth. It also saved me time spent in the kitchen preparing, cooking, and washing up, as well as hours in the supermarket. I am grateful that we live in this time, we have such possibilities to make life easier.

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Mgr. Nicole Kohútová, dula/psychologička

Michael Sušický

I wanted to test whether I would be able to lose weight in 30 days without starving myself, only by slightly increasing my physical activity and consuming a box diet from, and I succeeded! Two kilos lighter is proof for me that a regular and balanced diet is the cornerstone for a healthy lifestyle. If you are one of those people who don’t always have time to cook every day and would like to lose a few kilos, then is also suitable for you. You will taste a lot of varied dishes that are really delicious, and you will also save a lot of time, which you can spend on more important things than standing in line at the supermarket and cooking for long hours.

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Michael Sušický, barman/influencer

The box diet from Zdravé stravování is a really great helper in shaping your figure. It is known that 70% of the success of achieving your dream figure is diet. When eating normally, it is quite difficult to keep track of your daily calorie intake. Zdravé stravování will solve it for you. All you have to do is configure the diet according to your ideas and requirements (ingredients you don’t need, amount of daily intake) or if you don’t know what to do, you can contact their nutritionists and they will help you with everything. The food is very good and varied. I had never tasted a lot of ingredients before and now I absolutely adore them (quinoa, bulgur). Another plus is that you can return the plastic boxes every week. Thanks to Zdravé stravování, I’ve been able to maintain my figure exactly as I need it for the last six months.

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Václav Noid Bárta, hudebník

Eliška Bártová

I chose Zdravé stravování when I was pregnant, I didn’t have much time for myself, and I wanted a guarantee that my baby would have everything it needed. After the birth of my daughter, I was happy to continue, considering that I was getting married and I wanted to be a slim bride, and I also didn’t want to deal with what I could and could not eat due to breastfeeding. In addition, I liked the time spent with my family instead of at the stove. I’ve never had such a varied diet as I have now. I like the food very much and I am sure that my body is getting exactly what it needs throughout the day.

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Eliška Bártová, tanečnice

Nikola Gránská

After an unpleasant experience with another company, I gave box dieting one more chance and chose the company Zdravé stravování. A review in itself is the fact that I have been very happy to order these boxes since 2020. The food is varied, very tasty and, above all, healthy. I don’t know how to create a meal plan myself and this is by far the best option. I like the variety of programs and the delivery of meals every day. At the same time, I would like to highly praise the courier, who is always in a very positive mood and it is great to talk to him. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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Nikola Gránská, influencerka

Helena Uhlířová

Doctor and amateur competitor in running and swimrun
The boxes from Zdravé stravování literally changed my life. I decided to try a box diet at a time when I wasn’t feeling well, I was very tired, prone to illness, and generally without any energy (at the same time, I had a large surplus of stored energy in the form of fat). This was due to my lifestyle, which was hectic and also very unhealthy.

In August 2019, when I started with the box diet, I had basically no movement except for work, I ate very irregularly, impulsively, and unhealthy, I didn’t make time for myself, and I lacked a regular daily routine. The boxes brought order to my daily life, so I started to eat regularly, variedly, I enjoyed and finally savored food, I found out that good and healthy food can be used to relax even during a busy day and stop for a while and enjoy it.

Afterwards, I started to lose weight, which was surprisingly easy, and this allowed me to start playing sports. As I lost weight, my condition improved, I was out of breath less, and I had more energy. Gradually, I started running and swimming, and today I can’t imagine my normal life without these activities. The most shocking thing to me and to those who knew me “before the boxes” is that now I am often placed on the podium in running races. However, the biggest “win” for me is my health, which I will pamper myself with all the more now, because I know what it’s like when you don’t have it. Thanks to the boxes and regular exercise, I am now, without exaggeration, at least half my body weight, but finally “as a whole” I am healthy.

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Barbora-Lucie Procházková, osobní trenér pro fitness a běh

Adam Mišík

Singer and actor
I tried Zdravé stravování for a month and I can truly confirm that we are what we eat. In just a month I gained muscle mass and felt better than ever. Boxes save time, worries and ultimately money. I definitely recommend it especially to people who don’t have time to cook at home, because in restaurants you often don’t get exactly the kind of nutritionally valuable food you need in your busy day.

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Adam Mišík, zpěvák a herec

Personal trainer for fitness and running
Vegan boxes helped me break my eating stereotypes and pleasantly change my daily diet. The flavors were balanced, and I really enjoyed the excellently seasoned food. So the boxes fulfilled their purpose 100% - breaking out of dietary stereotypes. Due to lactose intolerance, I chose the vegan program. The only thing that “disturbed” me about this program is that it is undervalued in terms of protein. As a very active person who cares about enough protein, I supplemented my meals with foods that are rich in protein - cottage cheese, protein, cottage cheese... that’s the only thing I would criticize this program for. Otherwise, I recommend and will continue to recommend Zdravé stravování.

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Barbora-Lucie Procházková, osobní trenér pro fitness a běh

Klára Kupková

The Zdravé stravování boxes saved me a lot of time and I finally started to eat a balanced diet thanks to them. I must especially praise the variety of meals and plans they have! I can happily recommend them to anyone, an athlete, someone who wants to start eating a balanced diet, or even someone who wants to switch to a vegan diet.

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Klára Kupková, modelka

Jan Hanko

Parkour athlete
I discovered Zdravé stravování on Instagram and was intrigued by the wide range of foods. I chose the Fit+ program and was looking forward to the first food delivery. I was a little worried about freshness because the food was always delivered to me one day before. However, all my fears disappeared with the first taste of the food, and I was thrilled at how good boxed food can taste. I really liked this “food in a box” and looked forward to a new delivery every day. My aim was to gain muscle mass, and I managed to gain it within a month with regular exercise and Zdravé stravování. For me personally, it was an excellent experience that gave me a diet regime that is essential for a healthy body.

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Jan Hanko, parkourový sportovec

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