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How to choose a program?

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Boxed diet program:KETO

Fast and effective weight loss inspired by the keto diet

The KETO dietary program from Healthy Eating, inspired by the keto diet, will delight all those who are impatient and need to see weight loss results as soon as possible.

About the KETO program

The diet benefits from the adjustments of the macronutrient ratio, but takes into account the potential risks that arise from long-term keto dieting. Why to choose this program?

  • Diet for quickly visible weight loss results.
  • Keto dietary program is built upon a significant reduction in carbohydrates, and conversely an increase in fat.
  • Energy is obtained from the accumulated adipose tissue.
  • Weekend meals prepared with friendly pasteurization for constant ketogenesis.
  • You can then continue with another type of diet, which already works with a more balanced ratio of nutrients, is more optimal for the body and prevents the yo-yo effect.
  • The program can be ordered order only in 7, 14 or 28 days variants. The order will always start from the upcoming Monday. You can always cancel deliveries until 12:00 Friday for the following Monday (pasteurized meals are produced on the weekend for the next weekend, so you cannot check out earlier).
  • KETO menu is available in only two variants, namely 6,000 and 8,000 kJ.
  •  No exceptions can be requested.

During the whole weight loss journey, it is important to keep carbohydrates under control, so Healthy Eating will prepare delicious meals treated with gentle pasteurization on weekends.

This will ensure the freshness of the food even on days when we do not normally cook. There is no danger that you will interrupt ketogenesis during the diet, which is a set of metabolic processes in which the use of energy changes due to the modification of the diet.

You can read more about the principles, benefits and pitfalls of ketodiet in the nutrition details below..

Suroviny Ingrediences:

The KETO dietary program has an adjusted ratio of nutrients, as follows: carbohydrates 10%, proteins 10-20%, fats 70-80%. Carbohydrates are significantly reduced in the keto program (their daily intake does not exceed 10%) and are replaced by fats. The basis of the menu is fatty meat dishes (bacon, pork, chicken, lamb, fish) and whole fat dairy products (yogurt, cream, kefir, fat cheese), nuts and seeds. There are also low-carbohydrate vegetables rich in water, such as cauliflower, broccoli, salads, asparagus, cabbage, avocado, etc.

Výživové okénko Nutrition details

What is a keto diet?

With normal functioning and a balanced diet, with the standard distribution of macronutrients, the body stores sugar in the liver and muscles and fats in fat cells. By adjusting the ratio of essential nutrientswhen there is a significant reduction in carbohydrates, metabolism switches to gluconeogenesis and ketogenesis. The body will practically absorb the energy stores stored in the muscles and liver and after their depletion creates so-called ketone bodies from the breakdown of adipose tissue.

This will improve the level of fats and sugar in the blood and at the same time cause rapid reduction of excessively stored fat.

A low-carb diet from Healthy Eating works by significantly increasing fat intake instead of protein intake. On the one hand, fat reduces appetite and, from the point of view of insulin, fat is neutral. In addition, the body achieves ketogenesis by following a low-carbohydrate diet with increased fat intake under all circumstances.

It is important to think of that any violation of low carbohydrate intake terminates ketogenesiswhen the body draws energy from fat stores.

Low carb diet it is not optimal for a long periods of time. One that increases protein intake may overload the liver and kidneys in the long term, which is not desirable, so it is important, to have the ketodiet set up by the nutrition team and maintain it for a limited period of time, as in the case of the KETO program from Healthy Eating. In the case of a low-carbohydrate diet with increased fat, cholesterol can increase, for example, if we do not monitor the intake of healthy fats, as well as increased fatigue. It is also not ideal if we do a lot of sports.


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Program Keto
Program Keto
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Program Keto
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Program Keto


KETO: Possible program variants

Choose the program and its variant that suit you best. We always try to meet the needs of our customers as much as possible and thus offer a sufficiently wide range of programs, that allows anyone to choose the right one from.

6 000 kJ

7 000 kJ

8 000 kJ

9 000 kJ

10 000 kJ

Whole day







Program price list KETO

6 000 kJ7 000 kJ8 000 kJ9 000 kJ10 000 kJ
Whole day556 CZK591 CZK625 CZK649 CZK674 CZK

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from Thursday 23.5. 2024.

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We care about your tastes

The goal of our nutrition team led by Mgr. Kateřina Šimková is to prepare special menus that meet specific requirements so that the adjustments in the diet do not pose a risk, you are satisfied and you enjoyed the food made from quality ingredients.


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