How to choose a program?

Something extra

How to choose a program?

Something extra

Boxed diet
not just for healthy weight loss

  • We will bring you up to 5 servings of fresh food for a healthy and balanced diet for every working day.
  • You will save time spent cooking and shopping.
  • Varied and tasty dishes from quality ingredients awaiting you.
  • The menus are compiled for you by an experienced nutritionist Mgr. Kateřina Šimková and her team.
Today’s meal plan

19. june 2024
5 322

Řepový závin s hermelínem, okurky

snack (morning)

Salsa z pečeného lilku, kedlubnové hranolky


Boloňské lasagne

snack (afternoon)

Mléčný dezert s jahodami a kešu ořechy


Krůtí maso se zeleninou a omáčkou s lemon grass, bulgur



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pozadi proc zvolit zs

pozadi proc zvolit zs

pozadi proc zvolit zs

Healthy Eating programs for diet, valuable and active living

Choose the one…

Lose weight and improve your diet with the help of the Health Program. Our most popular boxed diet with a balanced ratio of nutrients is suitable for maintaining or reducing weight. Thanks to the similarity with the regular diet, you will not have a problem getting used to the modified diet.


Zdravé stravování knows the most suitable diet composition for athletes and has created a special meal plan for them in the form of a Protein+ box diet. A meal plan tailored to athletes will support the growth of muscle mass and important regeneration.


The fitness meal plan of the Fit+ Program in conjunction with regular aerobic activities will bring a progressive transformation. You will improve your physical condition and lose weight.


The KETO meal program from Healthy Eating, inspired by the Keto diet, will excite anyone who is impatient and needs to see weight loss results as soon as possible for motivation.



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Why should you choose our boxed diet

hp01You will lose weight in a healthy way thanks to a balanced diet and avoid starvation
hp03We deliver food throughout the whole Czech Republic, even to smaller cities up to 5 times a week
hp05You can enjoy a variety of Czech and international cuisine
hp05We offer various energy ranges. Combinations of more than 10 programs
hp05Our own refrigerated delivery transportation ensures that you receive the highest quality food
hp05We will inform you of the detailed nutritional value and composition of meals
hp01Save time shopping, cooking and compiling your diet
hp03You can exclude ingredients that you do not consume from the menu upon agreement
hp05We have our own team of nutritional counselors available on phone and in counseling centers
hp05We share our knowledge and recipe inspirations on ours blog
hp05We cook on weekdays and weekends
hp05Possibility of your own combination of courses
Zdravé stravování - proč zvolit naši krabičkovovou stravu

We care that you enjoy the food


Only the best help us with the preparation and testing of the menu

We are so glad that thanks to them you are satisfied with our diet



  • Marcel Ihnačák

    Marcel Ihnačák

    Boutique Hotel Tanzberg restaurant chef in Mikulov

    I work with Healthy Eating on the occasional development of recipes and on regular events, such as Culinary Summer.

  • Jan Punčochář

    Jan Punčochář

    the holder of the acclaimed Michelin-starred Bib Gourmand and the owner of the restaurant U Matěje

    I cooperate with Healthy Eating at regular events, such as Culinary Summer.

  • Radek David

    Radek David

    creative Executive Chef restaurants La Veranda, The Bistro or Grandma's Garden

    I cooperate with Healthy Eating at regular events, such as Culinary Summer.

  • Zdeněk Křížek

    Zdeněk Křížek

    Executive Culinary Chef for the OREA HOTELS & RESORTS network

    I cooperate with Healthy Eating at regular events, such as Culinary Summer.

  • Anchal Chopra Bhalla

    Anchal Chopra Bhalla

    Indian culinary magician from Tastesutra

    I work with Healthy Eating on the occasional development of recipes and at events such as Culinary Summer.

    Mgr. Nicole Kohútová, dula/psychologička
    Matěj Kuzník
    Barbora-Lucie Procházková, osobní trenér pro fitness a běh
    Matěj Kuzník
    Jana Novotná

    Mgr. Nicole Kohútová

    The diet for nursing mothers from Zdravé stravování was the best choice I could have made during postpartum, and I recommend it to every expectant mother. It is a much better investment than many unnecessary things for babies, because what a baby needs most is a happy and healthy mother. Every day I had fresh and nutritious food, so I could fully devote myself to the baby and also rest, which is key after childbirth. It also saved me time spent in the kitchen preparing, cooking, and washing up, as well as hours in the supermarket. I am grateful that we live in this time, we have such possibilities to make life easier.

    Jana Vincourová

    Zdravé stravování is mainly based on the variety of foods, the quality of ingredients and a balanced composition. The boxes will help you sustainably lose weight, they also contribute to building muscle mass or you can just eat healthy. The food is excellent! It is certainly not tasteless, on the contrary! If you do not like certain foods, the meal plan can be adjusted to not include these foods. The meal plans are prepared by the nutrition team and all the food is cooked by a team of great chefs. The box diet also offers healthy eating programs for an everyday nutritional diet and an active lifestyle. I chose the FIT+ program and it suits me. We only have one health. Let’s take care of it. There is nothing to wait for! Life is now! Not then… not next time… not UNTIL sometime!

    Barbora-Lucie Procházková

    Personal trainer for fitness and running
    Vegan boxes helped me break my eating stereotypes and pleasantly change my daily diet. The flavors were balanced, and I really enjoyed the excellently seasoned food. So the boxes fulfilled their purpose 100% - breaking out of dietary stereotypes. Due to lactose intolerance, I chose the vegan program. The only thing that “disturbed” me about this program is that it is undervalued in terms of protein. As a very active person who cares about enough protein, I supplemented my meals with foods that are rich in protein - cottage cheese, protein, cottage cheese... that’s the only thing I would criticize this program for. Otherwise, I recommend and will continue to recommend Zdravé stravování.

    Matěj Kuzník

    Oktagon MMA Fighter
    I really liked the boxes from Zdravé stravování, it also suited me that the nutritional values were written on the boxes, and I didn’t have to count calories. The boxes also contained a high protein intake, which I really appreciated in my pre-match diet.

    Jana Novotná

    My results after a month and a half with the boxes were great. Fat content decreased by 2 kilos, my muscles grew, and my weight remained the same. The greatest result was my feeling. I felt absolutely great.

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