How to choose a program?

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How to choose a program?

Something extra

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Boxed diet program:PROTEIN EXTRA

Extra solution for extra weight loss

Protein Extra is a short-term 2-week diet program. Due to the change in the ratio of macronutrients in favor of proteins and at the expense of carbohydrates, there is a faster reduction of fat, overall bodily recomposition and weight loss has a faster effect.

About the PROTEIN EXTRA program

The Protein Extra boxed diet is suitable for starting up the metabolism, which will be done by short-term adjustment of the macronutrient ratio. The team of nutritionists put together a program to make the best positive  results from this diet, but at the same time, to minimize the risk arising from a long-term high protein diet.

The Protein Extra program can be ordered at maximum duration of 2 weeks. Subsequently, it is advisable to switch to one of the other diet programs from the Healthy Eating menu, in order for weight reduction to be successful in the long run.

Who is the Protein Extra program for?

  • For all those who wish to reduce excess fat and have tried to do so unsuccessfully with a common diet with the classic ratio of macronutrients, and/or with various diets with reduced fat and total energy amounts.
  • The program excites and motivates by being able to see the first change in a short period of time and it is one of the ways to lose weight fast.
  • It will also be appreciated by athletes who need to get cut and in shape before sports competitions or those who are convinced that gluten is not doing them any good. Gluten containted in the menu is at absolute minimum.

The menu of the Protein Extra program is varied and will keep you satisfied. Thanks to the presence of both vegetable and animal fats, you will achieve absolute feeling of satiety.

In addition, you should not be bothered by sweet cravings, which are the result of previous excessive consumption of simple carbohydrates and irregular diet.

Suroviny Ingrediences

The basis of the menu consists of dishes of different kinds of meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit, fish, pork, beef, deer, fallow deer, veal, lamb, boar) or ham. The diet is rich in eggs, fermented milk productsnutsseedsvegetables and we also include smaller quantities of fruit.

The program cannot be ordered in any combination of courses, only whole-day. Exceptions cannot be made on this program.


Výživové okénko Nutrition dertails

The Protein Extra menu has been created under the professional supervision of the nutrition team founder of Healthy Eating, Mgr. Kateřina Šimková. By being able to eat high protein diet in these 2 weeks period fo time, you will avoid the risks that are known from long-term practice of low-carb diets.

What happens when you eliminate carbs from your diet?

  • During normal functioning, the body stores sugar in the liver and muscles and fats in fat cells. The body thus creates a reserve so that in case of emergency it has something to ensure the functioning of the brain, heart muscles and other tissues.
  • When we eliminate carbohydrates, metabolism switches to gluconeogenesis and ketogenesis. It thus allows for a completely different use of nutrients as a source of energy. The body depletes the energy stores stored in the muscles and liver and, after depletion, forms so-called ketone bodies from the breakdown of adipose tissue.
  • One of the main risks of a long-term low-carbohydrate diet is an adverse effect on the intestinal microbiome, which changes the profile of the microbiome to potentially pathogenic and pro-inflammatory.
  • Processing large amounts of protein puts a strain on the kidneys and liver because the body cannot store protein and its waste products can damage it.

Due to the short-term nature of the Protein Extra program, these phenomena and risks are eliminated.


Omeleta s pršutem, koprový tvaroh
Protein EXTRA
Losos, hráček, máta
Pečená kachna se zelím
Smažené avokádo, křepelčí vejce, pastrami


Possible program variants PROTEIN EXTRA

Choose the program and its variant that suit you best. We always try to meet the needs of our customers as much as possible and thus offer a sufficiently wide range of programs, that allows anyone to choose the right one from.

6 000 kJ

7 000 kJ

8 000 kJ

9 000 kJ

10 000 kJ

12 000 kJ

Menu extras

Add something extra to any variant.

See all add-ons

doplnky polevka

doplnky smoothie

doplnky dezertDessert

doplnky freshFresh

Whole day







Program price list PROTEIN EXTRA

6 000 kJ7 000 kJ8 000 kJ9 000 kJ10 000 kJ12 000 kJ

-chybí překlad-

6 000 kJ7 000 kJ8 000 kJ9 000 kJ10 000 kJ12 000 kJ

Ceny těchto kombinací v sobě neobsahují dopravu. Poplatek za dopravu činí 99 Kč / den (bez ohledu na počet objednaných jídel).

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We care about your tastes

The goal of our nutrition team led by Mgr. Kateřina Šimková is to prepare special menus that meet specific requirements so that the adjustments in the diet do not pose a risk, you are satisfied and you enjoyed the food made from quality ingredients.


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