How to choose a program?

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How to choose a program?

Something extra

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Box diet program:MENU

Have healthy main meals of the day delivered to you

Are you craving a healthy but affordable meal for lunch or dinner? Zdravé stravování has prepared a Menu box program from which you can choose the main meals of the day. The meals will satisfy anyone who craves regular meals and high-quality preparation of food. The program is suitable for singles, senior citizens, and families who do not cook.

About the MENU program

The Menu program is a suitable choice for families and individuals who do not have the time or desire to cook and would welcome tasty main meals prepared from high-quality ingredients. You can choose from freshly cooked or gently pasteurized meals from Czech and international cuisine. Salads are also offered. Why choose this program?

  • Healthy, tasty, and affordable food for lunch or dinner
  • High-quality food preparation
  • Suitable for singles, senior citizens, and busy families
  • Several meal options including salads
  • High-quality raw materials and gentle technological meal preparation
  • Different weights of food for different numbers of diners

In this program you have a wide daily choice of eight main meals including salads. We believe in a very good price-quality-taste-quantity ratio, which is why you get really honest portions from us that will fill you up. In this program, we offer different weights of food for different numbers of diners.

Meal complements can be ordered to the program in the form of smoothies, soups, breakfast, or dessert. Exceptions cannot be made for the meals.

In the Menu program, we have prepared for you both freshly cooked meals and meals that we have gently pasteurized for you. These are meals prepared in our own premises, from high-quality ingredients and under the supervision of our nutrition team. You won’t find any chemicals or additives in them.

Výživové okénko Nutrition window on the theme

Lunch should make up approximately 30% of our daily energy intake. Definitely don’t miss lunch and don’t skip it. If you prefer a salad for lunch, then pay attention to its composition. In the Menu program, we have prepared two types of salads with an optimal composition of nutrients that will give you enough energy for the rest of the afternoon.

You can enjoy the last regular meal of the day, dinner, about three hours before you plan on going to sleep. This way, the body has enough time to process the food. Dinner should be light, which does not exclude meat such as chicken, turkey, or beef and a side dish in the form of legumes. You can’t go wrong with a salad or fish. Keep in mind that not having enough to eat for dinner or skipping it altogether can lead to overweight and obesity.

Why a box diet from Zdravé stravování?

  • When preparing food, we use gentle food preparation methods, cook our own broths, use single spices, adjust the amount of salt we use, and prepare our own pasta.
  • With a box diet, you don’t have to worry about food preparation.
  • Meal plans are created under the supervision of our nutrition specialists.
  • Meals have a balanced ratio of fruits and vegetables in a wide color spectrum, thanks to which various combinations of vitamins and minerals reach your body. Vegetables also replenish the body with water and important fiber, which stimulates a feeling of being full and helps with proper digestion.


Recept Drubezi Jatra S Paprikami Ryze S Cervenou Cockou Zdroj Zdrave Stravovani Rodina 2000
Pad Thai
P8282897 Rodina Zdrave Stravovani 2000x1500
Červené kari s rýží
Chilli con carne
Drůbeží játra s paprikou, rýže
Rajská omáčka, knedlík
Kuřecí prsa s jáhlami, pyré
Těstoviny s mletým masem, červené zelí
DSC 3498  2 Recept Kureci Prsa S Jahlami A Pyre Sirka RODINA Zdroj Foto Zdrave Stravovani 2000
Gnocci, středmořská zelenina, chorizo


Possible program variants JÍME 3× DENNĚ

Choose the program and its variant that suit you best. We always try to meet the needs of our customers as much as possible and thus offer a sufficiently wide range of programs, that allows anyone to choose the right one from.


Ready-made meals

meal 1

meal 2

Pasteurized foods with an extended shelf life

Size S
(200 - 300 g)

Size M
(400 - 450 g)

Size L
(500 - 550 g)

International cuisine


Salad 1

Salad 2

Menu Extras

Add something extra to any variant.

See all add-ons

doplnky snídaněBreakfast

doplnky polevka

doplnky smoothie

doplnky dezertDessert

doplnky freshFresh


Program price list MENU

chod199 CZK
chod299 CZK
chod3129 CZK
chod499 CZK
chod589 CZK
chod6129 CZK
Salát 1135 CZK
Salát 2135 CZK


Order now and you can eat
from Monday 24.6. 2024.

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Rádi byste ozdravili svůj jídelníček a zhubli? S krabičkovou dietou Zdravého stravování Pro Zdraví toho hravě dosáhnete, a ještě si pochutnáte. Jedná se o náš nejoblíbenější program zdravé výživy, který je co nejvíce podobný běžné stravě.

Zdravé stravování nabízí modifikaci svého nejoblíbenějšího programu Pro Zdraví. Ten komfortně doplnilo o optimální denní dávku ovoce a zeleniny. S programem Pro Zdraví+ tak nemusíte každodenně myslet na dodatečný přísun vitaminů, minerálních látek a vlákniny. Vše zařídíme za vás.


We care about your tastes

The goal of our nutrition team led by Mgr. Kateřina Šimková is to prepare special menus that meet specific requirements so that the adjustments in the diet do not pose a risk, you are satisfied and you enjoyed the food made from quality ingredients.


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